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Junior Achievement programs focuses on three major areas, work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship for both primary and high schools. These programs are hands-on and move away from the chalk and talk style of teaching and a more experiential learning approach is made. The programs are filled with interactive activities such as games, challenges, competitions, workshops, conferences, etc.

Importantly, for our signature program at the primary level, JA BizTown, the curriculum is aligned with the Ministry of Education’s National Standards Curriculum in the areas of Social Studies, Mathematics, Resource and Technology, English and Physics. This is especially beneficial to the preparation of students for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Assessments. In the same light, the Junior Achievement Company of Entrepreneurs (JACE) Program is our major program for high schools at the Grade 9 level. This is officially a part of the National Standards Curriculum is timetabled as a class in high schools. It teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship as well as take the students through the experience creating of and running an entrepreneurial venture.

There are myriads of opportunities available for your students to benefit from and so we encourage you to ensure your school is enrolled in a Junior Achievement Program.

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JA Jamaica offers tailored programs for every level of Primary School, Grades 1-6.

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JA Jamaica offers tailored programs for every level of High School, Grades 7-13.

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