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Shauntel Walters

Junior Achievement Jamaica, a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide, is a phenomenal youth centered organization that made an influential impact on my life since the age of 15. Six years ago, I remembered going home and explaining to my mother that I was interested in being apart of the Junior Achievement company at school. Of course, she believed that I would have been up and out by the following week because of disinterest. Her response was expected because for my first 3 years of  high school, I had failed to seriously commit to a club or society for more than 2 weeks because I had not found a platform that could both harness my creativity and nurture my business related desires.

I became apart of the Junior Achievement Company of Entrepreneurs (JACE) Program at my alma mater, Ardenne High School in 2012. After the first two years of being a member of the JACE Ardenne Chapter, I then advanced to Vice President of Human Resources. Proceeding in 2016, I  became the President of the JACE Ardenne Chapter. This accomplishment was indeed something that I had been praying hard for, and working extensively and faithfully throughout the years to accomplish.

During my presidency,  I had the opportunity to work with the  exceptional staff at Junior Achievement Jamaica, a phenomenal team of Ardenne students, and our advisor, to spearhead the development and success of our student company, JahScents. We created JahScents because we wanted to contribute to the sustainability of our environment and promote brand Jamaica. We made natural mosquito repellent fresheners inspired by fruits, herbs and spices found here. Additionally, we recycled plastic bottles found in our communities, that we reused as the containers of our products . JahScents was successful. We went on to win the Regional Company of the Year Competition in Mexico in 2016 and we were also the recipient of the Delta Social Impact Award.

The fact that we (as  Jamaican high school students) were able to develop a company from an idea to an actual product that we produced and sold to real customers  is no less than groundbreaking. The Junior Achievement Jamaica JACE program, not just presented to us this great opportunity but they gave us as students, business knowledge and individual empowerment that will last us a lifetime. Moving forward from 6 years ago, here I am now, an active member of both the JACE SEED program committee and the Junior Achievement Alumni Association. I will forever be apart of Junior Achievement, because this organization has been instrumental in my development and continued success as a student leader and young entrepreneur.


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