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The Junior Achievement Company of Entrepreneurs (JACE) program is designed to transform and stimulate students’ interest in business and entrepreneurship.    Junior Achievement Jamaica in support of the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information’s (MOEY&I’s) new policy to integrate entrepreneurship to all Grade 9 students has developed the JACE curriculum. Cultivating an entrepreneurial mind-set early will help the students to identify the discipline as a career option. Ingraining entrepreneurship in the attitude of students at this stage can influence their view of their career options.

The Program

The JACE Program is designed to provide Grade 9 students with a unique learning experience in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship. Students learn how to allocate ownership within a team and plan for future growth, learn the necessary skills to become effective entrepreneurial leaders, and recognize various entrepreneurial strategies and when each is appropriate.

As entrepreneurial skills are developed in the classroom, students pursue a practicum component parallel with business learning. The objective of the practicum is to provide students with the opportunity to apply classroom material to the activities that lead to a real-world, industry related, scalable new venture. Students form teams work on a venture of their own choosing. Company teams work through the entire process from idea to business reality, applying the skills they have learned, while working with relevant industry mentors, attending external events and participating in various competitions.



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